To make Gayatri Public School (not for profit, English Medium) one of the best schools in Himachal Pradesh.

What kind of difference do I want to make with my life? For most GREAT men and women of history, making money or finding fame was not their # 1 goal. They wanted their life to have a real meaning. Their desire to make a difference was a leading factor of their success. 
  • Provide high quality education
  • Improve quality of life, including economically, for the village community
  • Create employment opportunities for deserving candidates
Gayatri Devi Memorial Charitable Trust was created in the year 2000 in India to support the needs to Gayatri Public School, an English medium not-for-profit school in a remote village in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain region in India that provides high quality education. 


Gayatri Public School Annual Events  



First Saturday of March:: Relay of Life - Pace for Peace - Run for Fun 

Starting from Gayatri Public School. ALL, students and adults, are invited for this fun run!

Last Sunday of March: Annual Teachers Appreciation Day Picnic 

ALL are invited for delicious food and fun!

April: Earth Day - Gayatri Public School celebrates EARTH DAY.

The theme for 2016 is REDUCE-REUSE- RECYCLE

Reduce: Reduce consumption of resources such as water and electricity to lower waste 

Reuse: Reuse items and decrease waste

Recycle: Recycle plastics, papers, and metals

            To Make Our Earth a better place for us and others to come. 

September: GPS Marathon - Visit the GPS Marathon Page for information and to register: Click Here

United We Run for Health and Prosperity –  A Building Block for A Better Future

The GPS Marathon promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activity to sharpen the mind. This Marathon is held annually on the last Sunday of September starting from the Gayatri Public School location..

Register by phone or email:

Phone #: 0-94592-20043

Email: gayatri082000@gmail.com  

About Us

What We Do

Gayatri Devi Memorial Charitable Trust

We support and promote education for children, especially girls, in the Himalayan Mountain regions in India. We believe that an educated world is a much better world.

Visit the Get Involved page to learn about volunteering opportunities. Safe, comfortable living quarters are available for all Volunteers.​​