GPS Sports Club 

School Mascot is the Jaguar!

Theme for GPS Sports Club: Healthy Body – Sharp Mind  

Mascot Song: 

Everywhere we go (x2) – People want to know (x2),

Who we are – So we tell them, 

We are the Jaguars – Mighty Jaguars of Gayatri Public School!!!

Gayatri Public School operates 260 days in a year and has the following main functions during the year.:

  • 26 of January – GPS celebrates Republic Day
  • First of February – Community Service Day - Mata Gayatri Devi Birthday
  • First Saturday of March – Relay for Life – Run for Fun
  • Last Sunday of March – Teachers Appreciation Day
  • April 7th - World Health Day! - Celebration to focus on good health, such as Dental Hygiene, and hygiene for sustaining a healthy body and sharp mind. 
  • Third Saturday of April – GPS Celebrates Earth Day - ​
    • REDUCE-REUSE- RECYCLE - To Make Our Earth a better place for us and others to come
  • In June - GPS Students outing for junior and senior students
  • 15th of August – GPS celebrates Independence Day
  • Last Sunday of September – GPS Marathon (8K – 5K – 2K run for fun)
  • 25th of December – GPS Annual Function and cultural Program

College students from two American universities (Drexel University and Villanova University) visit and volunteer at Gayatri Public School every year from two the six months.

  • Drexel University college students help the GPS teachers and students in English Communication and computer   skills – Microsoft office (Word – excel – PowerPoint)
  • Villanova University college students help GPS teachers and students with STEM projects. .

​​​GPS building is a three story building with all facilities for the students such as running water, electricity, Internet (wifi) and modern bath rooms for boys and girls. ​The third floor of the school building is dedicated to residential accommodation for teachers and volunteers. Each residential quarter has its own kitchen and bathroom. Boarding facilities are available for a few out of station students.

GPS is an English medium school and everyone is encouraged to speak in English on the school campus

  • GPS has a total staff of Eighteen (fifteen are teachers) and three school buses.
  • Two Science teachers (Medical and non-medical)
  • One teacher has a MA in English, One teacher has a MA in Mathematics
  • Physical education teacher and two language teachers (Hindi and Sanskrit)
  • Two computer teachers, Computer lab has laptop computers for student learning.
  • Nursery trained teacher for Nursery and KG and a play area for nursery and KG students
  • Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • STEM Lab in development for learning the applications of Science – Technology – Engineering - Mathematics
  • Library – well stocked with a diversity of books
  • Sports Room with most sports equipment

Gayatri Public school (GPS) is located on land of:

1. Pandit Lachman Ram and Smt. Anpoorna Devi donated to Gayatri Public School (GPS) by:

Shri Rattan Lal Sharma and Smt. Gayatri Devi

Shri Jagdish Ram Sharma and Smt. Hima Devi

2. Smt. Sundri Devi wife of Shri Sidhu Ram Dixit and sister of Pandit Dina Nath donated to Gayatri Public School (GPS) by:

Her son, Gautam Dixit, and her grand Children.

Excellence Begins at Gayatri Public School!.

We strongly believe that an educated world is a much better world and providing high quality education need to be key mission of all of us. Young mind is a terrible thing to waste.​

Gayatri Public School Annual Events  

​​​Gayatri Public School! 

Gayatri Devi Memorial Charitable Trust manages and supports Gayatri Public School (GPS).

Gayatri Public School is a not-for-profit, English-medium high school that provides high quality education in a remote village.
Currently, GPS is affiliated with Himachal Education board and will soon have CBSC affiliation.
​​​Gayatri Public School Address 

​Kalhun Drive, Ved Nagar, Village Jarehr 
​Tehsil Jaisingpur, District Kangra,
​Himachal Pradesh, 176094, India

Phone Numbers: +91-0-1894-250300 and +0-94592-20043

Gayatri Public School Email:

Gayatri Trust Email:

What does GPS have to Offer?

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