To provide quality education to the children in this remote village so that this school can change the quality of life in this area as well as create employment opportunities to the people around this area.

To make Gayatri Public School one of the best schools in Himachal Pradesh.

What kind of difference do I want to make with my life? For most GREAT men and women of history, making money or finding fame was not their # 1 goal. They wanted their life to have a real meaning. Their desire to make a difference was a leading factor of their success. 

Upcoming GPS Marathon 

United We Run for Health and Prosperity –  A Building Block for A Better Future

The GPS Marathon promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activity to sharpen the mind. This Marathon is held annually on the last Sunday of September starting from the Gayatri Public School location..

Students have a short run (2K or 5K) increasing with grade level and age. Adult participants have a longer run (8K or a half marathon). The vision is to have a full length marathon in the future with widespread participation. It is strongly encouraged for all participants to practice running prior to the event in order to have a successful and safe run at the GPS Marathon.  

Each participant will receive a completion certificate signed by the Trustee of Gayatri Devi Memorial Charitable Trust and the Principal of Gayatri Public School along with a high quality GPS Marathon 2016 t-shirt.

Registration opens on January 1st, 2016 and will close on August 15th, 2016. All participants much register beforehand to be eligible to run. The registration fee for all students is 50 Rupees and adult registration is 100 Rupees. Please call or email to register; details can be found below:

Phone #: 0-94592-20043

Email: gayatri082000@gmail.com  


The Lives We Impact

Upon graduation, one of our students leveraged his education to land a job with the revenue department of the local government.

Many graduates went to graduate school to receive a Masters or prestigious M Phil degree. One of them came back to the Gayatri Public Education Institute to teach for 1.5 years.
​Many other students mostly girls after graduation have moved on to much better life. 
  • Building additional classrooms
  • Construction of Drinking Water Tank 
  • Science Labs
  • Technology advancements
  • Living quarters for volunteer teachers and deserving students

About Us

This GM Charitable Trust was created in 2000 to support the needs of Gayatri Public Education Institute and Gayatri Public school to improve the education in a remote village in Himachal Pradesh.
We value transparency and want to keep all informed with the recent developments at Gayatri Public School and Education Institute. We still need assistance with the following:

Next Steps

We support and promote education for children, especially girls, in the Himalayan Mountain regions in India. We believe that an educated world is a much better world.

What We Do

Gayatri Devi Memorial Charitable Trust